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Amanda Gore - Lawyer in Melbourne

Amanda Gore
Lawyer Melbourne

Amanda has been a lawyer for over 15 years. Amanda is an experienced legal and commercial executive and worked for 12 years for financial institutions, start-ups, FMCG corporations and health and mining companies. Amanda has extensive experience negotiating and advising on the legal and regulatory issues for corporates and individuals.

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About us

After many years working as a lawyer, and dealing with lawyers as a client and a colleague, Amanda Gore, recognised that corporates and clients wanted a business relationship with their lawyers that added real value, and was customer service orientated.

All lawyers must provide legally correct advice. A great lawyer must also have EQ and be good at dealing with people – providing legal services in a way that respects their client’s individual personality and business needs, and developing a good rapport and working relationship with their client.

Amanda has extensive experience on innovative projects to bring new products to market, improving existing market offerings and building strategic alliances with third parties with compatible business interests. Amanda has worked with multinational technology/software companies and global card schemes in the payments business.

Over many years, Amanda has used the legal services of many Australian and international law firms as an in-house lawyer and commercial executive.

Amanda understands the dynamics of the lawyer-client relationship from both sides of the fence, and knows how clients evaluate legal services and how to add real value through legal services.

Amanda has a Masters in Intellectual Property Law, is a registered Trade Mark Attorney and Gradudate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Her experience includes:

  • Drafting online terms and conditions for companies websites
  • Reviewing and advising online content, including advertisements and offers
  • Advising on Australian Consumer Law
  • Managing the Asia Pacific intellectual property portfolio of trade marks, designs and patents of a global FMCG corporation
  • Working with companies and Customs to stop the import and export of goods with infringing items and materials
  • Advising on domain name disputes
  • Advising on potentially infringing trade mark and passing off actions
  • Leading legal negotiator for billion dollar outsource of network and desktop services
  • Novation and assignment of intellectual property rights between developers, service providers and end users
  • Drafting licence agreements
  • Advising on how to end service arrangements whilst minimising impact to business where intellectual property has become embedded in processes/operations of a customer
  • The creation, ownership and use of copyright works including training materials
  • Know how
  • Trade secrets and commercially sensitive information
  • Confidentiality